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# Job Title Job Type Location Reference No Posted Date  
1 Netcool Developer
Contract Sydney Netcool_1231 20/03/2018 Apply Now
2 SDN Developer
Contract Sydney SDN_1221 20/03/2018 Apply Now
3 Oracle OSCG Consultant
Full Time Sydney Ora_1221 20/03/2018 Apply Now
4 Windows 10 Specialist
Full Time Melbourne wind_1221 20/03/2018 Apply Now
5 Linux Specialist
Full Time Melbourne Lin_1221 20/03/2018 Apply Now
6 Cloudera Developer
Full Time Sydney CD_1703 16/03/2018 Apply Now
7 Project Manager
Full Time Auckland PM_1703 16/03/2018 Apply Now
8 SAP Consultant
Contract Sydney SAP_1221 13/03/2018 Apply Now
9 Inflight Project Manager
Full Time Brisbane PM_1331 13/03/2018 Apply Now
10 Datastage Admin
Full Time Sydney Admin_1221 13/03/2018 Apply Now
11 Change Manager
Contract Canberra CM_1221 07/03/2018 Apply Now
12 Tableau Developer
Full Time Sydney Tab_1221 07/03/2018 Apply Now
13 BI Solution Designer
Full Time Sydney BID_1221 07/03/2018 Apply Now
14 BI Developer
Full Time Sydney BIC_1221 07/03/2018 Apply Now
15 Cloud Architect
Contract Melbourne Cloud_1331 05/03/2018 Apply Now
16 Test Lead
Contract Melbourne TEST_1331 04/03/2018 Apply Now
17 Senior System Analyst
Contract Melbourne Sys_1221 04/03/2018 Apply Now
18 Data center Engineer/Consultant
Contract Melbourne DATA_1221 03/02/2018 Apply Now
19 PICK programmer/Admin
Contract Sydney PICK_1221 30/01/2018 Apply Now
20 Informatica BigData Admin
Full Time Sydney BD_1221 30/01/2018 Apply Now
21 EUC Lead
Full Time Brisbane EUC_1221 25/02/2018 Apply Now
22 Qliksense Consultant
Contract Sydney QLIK_1221 30/01/2018 Apply Now
23 HFC Field Engineer
Contract Sydney/Melbourne HFC_1221 30/01/2018 Apply Now
24 Senior Solution Architect
Contract Sydney ARCH_1221 30/01/2018 Apply Now
25 Cisco Test Specialist
Contract Sydney CISCO_1221 30/01/2018 Apply Now
26 System Administrator – AIX LINUX VMWARE
Contract Sydney Sys Admin-AIX LINUX VMWARE 01/12/2017 Apply Now
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